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SMCCCD OneSearch - User's Guide

OneSearch is the new library resource search system, or library catalog. It expands access to resources for our users, by including many of our online resources. This guide gives information on how to use OneSearch for searching and discovering resources,

Are the college libraries still a part of PLS?

Are the college libraries still part of the Peninsula Library System consortium?

Yes! Our partnership with PLS is strong. This change only affects our search systems (library catalogs), which are now separate. We continue to partner on programs and share resources.

What happens to my PLS library account?

What happens to my Peninsula Library System library card account?

Your membership in PLS now has the option and benefits of having two library accounts--One from PLS public libraries, and one from the PLS college libraries. Both accounts are free, and you only need to carry one card.

If you currently have a library card account from one of the Peninsula Library System (PLS) public libraries, your PLS public library card account will stay the same! You now have the option of getting a free community library account from the PLS college libraries, in order to borrow materials from us. Sign up to get an account.

If you currently have a PLS library card account, and your home library is one of the college libraries (rather than one of the public libraries in County of San Mateo), when your card expires, you will be issued a new PLS library card for the city associated with your college campus. Stop by your PLS public library to get a new card.

Anyone who is a current student, faculty, or staff member at one of the colleges or college district will automatically have a free college library account created, that can be used to borrow materials and access collections at the college libraries. Some employees, for example many short term employees, will need to drop by a college library to register for an account.

We encourage everyone to take full advantage of the resources and benefits offered by signing up for both library accounts.

How do I login to my OneSearch account?

How do I login to my OneSearch account?

  1. Login using the "Sign in" link at the top right of the OneSearch screen.

OneSearch Sign in

  1. Select the appropriate login option

login screen

There are two login options, depending on which type of account you have.

  • Current students, faculty, and staff of one of the colleges or the college district login using their single sign on college credentials used for all OneLogin accounts, including Canvas, Zoom, etc. If you are a college or district employee who does not have a OneLogin account (for example short term employees), login using the community members method.
  • Community members, including members of the Peninsula Library System, who have a OneSearch account login with their OneSearch account credentials and password, which may be set to include any of the following, according to your preferences when you create your account
    • OneSearch account number (everyone will be assigned one of these by default)
    • PLS Library card number (you may need to register your PLS library card number)
    • Other user name or id
    • Please note that the password is unique to your OneSearch account, and is not necessarily the same as your PLS account

How can I put a hold on an item in OneSearch?

How can I put a hold on an item in OneSearch? (SMCCD students, faculty, & staff only)

Follow these steps to place a hold in OneSearch:

  1. Sign in to your OneSearch account
  2. If requests are available for an item, select the "Request" option and fill the form--pick up location is mandatory
    OneSearch request item feature
  3. You can view or manage request details and cancel requests by signing in to your OneSearch account
    View or cancel requests in your OneSearch account
  4. Once the request has been processed, you will be notified by email, and can pick up the item at the college library of your choice

You can also place a hold on an item manually by contacting the research desk at the college library that owns the item you wish to check out, and asking them to set it aside for you. The item will be temporarily held for you at the college library so you can come by in person and check it out. If there is a need for special accommodation, please be sure to ask, so we can help you get what you need.

How can I put a hold on an item in OneSearch if I am not an SMCCD student, faculty or staff member?

If you are a community member and not an SMCCD student, faculty, or staff member and want to check out an SMCCD library item please contact your local library and ask about World Share services.

Why can't I place holds on college library materials in the PLS catalog?

Why can't I place holds on college library materials in the PLS catalog?

Update January 2020

College library owned items no longer are included in the PLS catalog. As a result, no holds are possible. Please visit your college library OneSearch account to place a hold, using the request feature, or contact the library to place a hold. If you are community member (non-SMCCD affiliated) please contact your local library.

Update November 2019

As of Monday, November 18, 2019 until the launch of OneSearch, library members will not be able to place holds on college items using the PLS Library Catalog. This period without requests allows the time necessary for the move of data from one catalog system to the other to go smoothly. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and apologize for any inconvenience.

If you need a college library item during this time, you can come in person to a college library to check it out. If there is a need for a special accommodation, please contact the staff at the owning college library, so we can help you get what you need.

All college owned items checked out during this time period will be due no later than December 16, 2019--no auto-renewals or due date extensions apply. Please return your item by the due date.