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DGME 100: Ad Plan Assignment

Researching Your Company & Product

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Background information about your company, your product, and the competition is a great place to get started in your research. In addition to the links below, there are other places you can get valuable information about the history and background of your company:

  • The official website for your company - Look for a page called "About Us" or a page on their site that talks about their story, or the history of their company.
  • New York Times - The New York Times has been reporting on business for over 100 years. Articles from the New York Times are great for researching both the history and the current goings-on with your company. As a CSM student you can sign up for free access to the NY Times online. Go to our News Sources page and follow the instructions to set-up your free account.

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Business Databases: Good for company background and history, products, competition

These library databases are great resources for doing research about your company, particularly if your company is large, has been around a long time, and is successful. These databases can provide you with business-related reports about your company but might not be the best source for all companies. Some things to keep in mind while searching these databases:

  • If your company is very young or is not a public company (that means it's not being traded on the NY Stock Exchange) then there will be less information available.
  • Only companies that have gone public on the NYSE are required to disclose certain financial and statistical information so if you've chosen a small independent company to research then there may be little or no information in these databases.
  • If you are using a small or independent company for your project, using the company's own website, NY Times, or article databases to find information may be your best bet.
  • You can also use these databases to search for information on the companies that offer similar services or products AKA the competition.

Finding Articles: Good for magazine & newspaper articles talking about your company

Articles about your company in these library databases' magazines and newspapers can give you information about their history, past ad campaigns, and other related news and information.

Finding Books: Good for books that talk about your company, product, or industry