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DGME 100: Ad Plan Assignment

Researching Your Company's Advertising

Watch the video below, or open in a new window for a larger view.

Four McDonald's paper fries holders stackedSearching for information about your company in the databases below. Try searching for your company's name, then add other words to your search as necessary such as:

  • ad campaign
  • advertising campaign
  • marketing campaign
  • marketing
  • ad agency
  • advertising agency
  • commercial
  • slogans
  • social media
  • social media campaigns
  • instagram, facebook, native advertising
  • past campaigns

Watch the Quick Tips video to see how to get the most out of this page!

Finding Articles: Good for articles about ad campaigns and commercials

Articles about your company in magazines and newspapers can give you information about their history, past ad campaigns, and other related news and information. To search for your company:

  • Use your company's name in your search and combine it with the recommended words above to find specific information about current and past ad campaigns, commercials, and ad agencies.
  • Take notes as you go and use the information you find in your searches to create new searches.

Advertising Spending

Figuring out how much your company spends on advertising might be tricky since they may not want to openly share this information with the world. AdAge puts out an annual report that shows the top 200 companies that spend on advertising in the previous year so this report might be helpful if your company is on the list:

If your company is publicly traded on the stock exchange then advertising expenses will be reported on a company's financial or income statement. On Yahoo Finance you can find this information by searching for your company, then selecting the Financials tab and looking under "Selling & Marketing Expense"

Advertising Magazines & Related Publications

These links take you directly to the library's collection for each magazine. Use the "search within publication" option on the page to search only that publication.

Useful for describing the product - and creating an ad. Try dedicated magazines, for example, or MotorTrend.