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DGME 100: Ad Plan Assignment

Researching Your Target Audience

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Street scene with people walkingOnce you've decided on your target audience you might want to do some research on the research that's already been done. Makes sense, right? Search the library databases for articles that target both the demographic aspects of your audience, and maybe how your product has been marketed to these and other groups in the past. Here are some ideas:

When searching for information about advertising to your target audience try combining the word "advertising" or "marketing" with different aspects of your demo group such as:

  • advertising AND young adults
  • advertising AND boomers
  • advertising AND millennials
  • advertising AND "single men"
  • advertising AND "black women"
  • advertising AND mothers

If you want to find information about how your product has been marketed to groups in the past try describing your product and combine it with terms that could describe demographics and advertising. For example if I was creating an ad campaign for potato chips I might try:

  • advertising demographics "snack foods"
  • "snack foods" marketing
  • "junk food" marketing
  • "target audience" "junk food"

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Finding Articles: Look for info about your target audience

Use the searches above to find articles in these library databases. You can also create more targeted searches by including your company's name in your search if they've marketed to your target audience in the past.

The Psychology Behind the Advertising

If you're interested in exploring the psychology behind advertising then these library databases would be a good place to look. You may not find an article specifically on your company or product, but it might give you insight to how certain products are marketed to your demographic group by using the searches above.

A Great Resource from Your Instructor